So our journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was an interesting one, firstly because we actually had a choice in how we were going to travel. Both prices not far off each other, but both very different. First was an easy 1 hour flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai costing  £26 and the second was a 14 hour journey on a sleeper train, costing £16.

Now don’t get us wrong, we seriously considered just paying the extra £10 and catching a plane to save 13 hours of travelling but having heard about the sleeper trains, we were both intrigued as to what they would actually be like, so we decided to opt for the train and take the more adventurous option. This was also saving a nights accommodation too which was a bonus.



Within a short amount of time after climbing aboard, we were so glad we didn’t just take the easy option and fly. This was so much more exciting! We had our own comfortable seats that both folded into one bed with an extra bed folding down from the ceiling to create bunk beds, but as you can see, we both managed to fit in the bottom bunk to chill before going to bed which felt like a comfy den when the curtains were closed.



As you can probably guess, we didn’t have an amazing sleep, with people getting on and off at different stops during the early hours of the morning its hard not to wake up and we felt really tired the next day but both really enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again!


[Travel info: Train 1, Special Express leaving at 18:10 from Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Bangkok and arriving at Chaing Mai Railway Station at 8:15. Tickets bought from the train station.]


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