Phuket, Thailand

After a month in Chiang Mai and New years in Bangkok we decided to head back down south for some sun and sea! Our last time at the beach was in Vietnam which we loved so couldn’t wait to get back into swimming and generally being beach bums again. After arriving in Phuket, it […]

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New Years in Bangkok

After having a lovely Christmas in Chiang Mai, we headed to Bangkok for new years and spent 3 days relaxing in parks and hopping on and off the sky train and metro checking out the surrounding areas. Lumpini park was a lovely little haven in the middle of the city where we saw lots […]

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A Month in Chiang Mai

This was our third visit to Chiang Mai and after spending a month here we fell more in love with this city. Chiang Mai has it all, a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary culture, warm sun, delicious and cheap food and drink, modern and well designed cafes, night markets, cats and dogs that wear tops, […]

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Chiang Mai Design Week

During our time In Chiang Mai we were both excited to check out the exhibitions displayed all over the city at Chiang Mai’s Design Week. All kinds of creatives from students, locals, professionals, businesses and freelancers displayed their work for the public to view.

The Graphic Design and crafts were modern and dynamic but the […]

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Sunday Night Market – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Every week in Chiang Mai 2 main roads are closed off to give way to the Sunday night market street stalls. Locals and nearby villagers come to sell everything from hand crafted items, food and drink, soaps, clothing, wooden utensils and all sorts of other knik knaks.

There is also an array of talent on show such […]

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

The one place in Vietnam that stood out for us most was Halong Bay, situated in the North of the country, a few hours drive outside of Hanoi City. Prior to travelling to Vietnam we didn’t know much about the country, where’s good to visit etc, our usual travel style involves doing a little […]

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Our trip to Hanoi was the shortest trip we’ve had in a place since travelling. Our main reason for visiting Hanoi was to visit Halong bay and Hanoi is the pick up place for Halong Bay tours. We were here for 3 days in total and spent the majority of our time wondering around […]

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Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam

After over 9 weeks of major cities we were glad to finally arrive at a beach on the south coast of Vietnam. As much as we’ve enjoyed the cities we’ve visited, they really do take it out of you; the constant movement, the heat, car horns, crazy roads and crammed packed streets, it all […]

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Scammed in Vietnam – Coming from Cambodia, we made our way across the Vietnamese border by bus. After arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, we walked off the bus to be greeted by a swarm of taxi drivers shouting for our attention, we grabbed our bags and went with the most noticeable of them. We […]

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The capital city of Cambodia was our next stop after a long stay in Siem Reap and shortly after arriving we discovered we had turned up in the middle of Cambodia’s huge water festival, you can view the post and the photos of it here.

Whilst in Phnom Penh for 5 nights, we mainly spent […]

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