After having a lovely Christmas in Chiang Mai, we headed to Bangkok for new years and spent 3 days relaxing in parks and hopping on and off the sky train and metro checking out the surrounding areas. Lumpini park was a lovely little haven in the middle of the city where we saw lots of monitor lizards and even caught one eating a bird! (Not a nice sight!) As for new years, the main celebrations took place around Central World, one of Bangkok’s largest shopping centres.

We arrived 3 hours early and had some time to kill so slowly but surely made our way through the thousands of people huddled outside Central World where performances were taking place along with loads of lights, big screens and music. There was even a giant red ball being bounced over the crowds which we nearly got to touch but just weren’t quick enough! It was a brilliant night but the long journey back to our hotel wasn’t brilliant at all! Slow, hot, cram packed and tiring!






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