After a month in Chiang Mai and New years in Bangkok we decided to head back down south for some sun and sea! Our last time at the beach was in Vietnam which we loved so couldn’t wait to get back into swimming and generally being beach bums again. After arriving in Phuket, it was pretty obvious it wasn’t the chilled out vibe we were hoping for, it was incredibly busy, very touristy, HOT and very expensive compared to what were paying in Chiang Mai. The cheapest room we could find was £20 per night with no air con which wasn’t great to keep waking up to a fan blowing hot air in your face all night.

Unfortunately we had arrived in peak season so this explains why everything was so busy. The beach was nice, we managed to find a nice little cove at the very end to get away from the hundreds of people. We booked 5 days and didn’t extend any longer, we just weren’t enjoying Phuket and decide to cut our losses and head back to Chiang Mai, which is without a doubt our favourite place and we were missing it! It just goes to show, you can’t love everywhere you visit and made us realised how much we prefer more quiet places in low season without the crowds and extra expense!







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