A few days ago was Lauren’s birthday so we decided to splash out and not consider any form of budget as it was special occasion. In doing so we decided to go zip lining and book a relaxing spa package along with however much food and drink we wanted for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

We started the morning early to head out to go zip lining and make the most of the day but unfortunately after a long moped ride up quite a few steep hills, they were closed! This was the day after the full moon party and we found quite a lot of shops and businesses to be shut as they know they’ll be less likely to have any business a day after the biggest party on the island, which was a shame but we ended up going zip lining the day after so included it in this post with the spa.

Zip Lining

There are 2-3 places to zip line on Koh Phangan but we decided to go to Just for Fun Canopy Adventures just north of Thong Sala which had the best reviews and are actually the first zip lining business on Koh Phangan set up by 2 friendly french chaps. The environment that surrounds the zip lines are a treat in themselves. Large luscious greenery whilst your suspended 22 metres in the air looking down at it all.


Working your way round the zip lines is a very steady and easy process, sometimes your flying through the trees and next walking across man made bridges which the owners like the rock as your trying to stay stable! The owners of the zip lining themselves are really interesting people and its clear to see how much they actually care about the environment, with talks all around the zip lines on nature, the different types of local trees and spotting animal nests, this added much more depth to the overall experience.




We both loved the fact that after the zip linings finished, we each got a free drink and chilled out with our feet in their new fish spa which was an unexpected bonus.



After we, (I) decided I wanted to be pampered we asked around for the best place to go for a traditional Thai massage everyone talks about. Without hesitation we were recommended Pure Relax Spa from various members of staff at our resort. After reading reviews and checking out their website I was set on looking no further and going there. We looked at their different packages and liked the sound of the Tropical Relaxing Package which included a herbal steam, shower, Thai massage, foot massage and facial which lasted 2 and half hours and made us feel like angels afterwards.


Everything about the massage was such high quality. We were even picked up from our resort and dropped back off in a white 4×4 by the owner Dave who was such a character and fascinating to listen to how he had come to own multiple business including the spa.

His enthusiasm was certainly reflected in the quality of the spa itself, It was real modern and clean which oozed quality and professionalism throughout. We were taken upstairs to a private double room and given our own gown, change of clothes, slippers and bottle of water which already we were really chuffed with which shows how much we need to get a life.

Our being impressed soon turned into confusion as we had no knowledge of what a Thai massage was previously, and thought we were coming for a chilled out massage. We didn’t realise they work on your body to release tension through pressure points by bending, stretching and twisting your body into different yoga positions. At first I was wondering why the masseuse was pulling my arms in the opposite direction and clicking each of my toes (which Tom nearly kicked his masseuse in the face for as he has tinkly feet) but as it continued it was actually incredibly relaxing and we both felt so light afterwards.

We’d recommend Pure Relax for anyone looking for a Thai massage in Koh Phangan, its the first massage we’ve had but we got the sense it will be the best for a long time and was perfect for a special occasion.


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